an innate appreciation for vintage and organic beauty

are at the core of bluebird paper co.



Chief Puppy In Charge

Wrigley Griswold Cochara, originally named “Ferb,” was born in Oklahoma but came to us by way of the Naperville Area Human Society in October 2015.  His hobbies include playing fetch until the point of exhaustion, rolling on laundry (clean or dirty, it doesn’t really matter), cheering on The Cubs, The Bears and The Fighting Irish, and napping in the sunniest corner of our office.  Aside from serving as the Chief Puppy In Charge, Wrigley is also the official mascot of Bluebird Paper Company.

Architectural Artifacts


Owner & Head Designer

Words to live by:


Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.


Have courage, be kind.


Good vibes and positivity go a long way.

Bluebird Home Office

Bluebird Home Office

Naperville, IL

Originally from New Jersey, Katie has settled in Naperville with her husband, Greg and their fur-baby, Wrigley.  The original “Bluebird” office was located in the tiny guest bedroom of the apartment that Katie & Greg rented after they got married in 2013. It consisted of a computer, a $25 clearance swivel chair, and an 8 year-old ink jet printer sitting on a storage tub. Three years later and here we are. We still can’t believe that we get to call this gem the Bluebird Home Office.